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Kucharz Pałacowy

Chef recreates old Polish recipes from Mlask on Vimeo.

We proudly present to you our film about Polish chef Maciej Nowicki. We wanted to tell the story of someone who digs deep into a culinary identity of Poland. That is why we sneaked into the kitchen of Villa Intrata in Warsaw’s Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów.

Maciej is not the most famous Polish chef, he doesn’t even cook for the public. But his work is very important for our gastronomy – he researches through very first Polish cookbooks, does historical recipe reconstruction, recreates dishes that are long-forgotten. His work in the Museum helps other chefs and historians to understand what Poland tasted like and how will it taste in the future.

Creative Team: Olga Badowska, Bartosz Dziamski

Direction: Bartosz Dziamski

Production: Bartosz Dziamski, MLASK

Shots: Bartosz Dziamski, Paweł Adamkiewicz

Editing: Bartosz Dziamski, Agata Żelechowska

Postproduction: Bartosz Dziamski

Mix & Mastering: Paweł Paczkowski/DB Studio

Translation: Natalia Osiatynska

Substantive Support: Inka Wrońska

Music: Antonio Vivaldi